Kdice: Brain popping.

December 18th, 2006 at 12:00 am

Kdice is another online multiplayer game from the guy who made gpoker, Ryan Dewsbury. I tried it out but looking at it, it’s just too mind-brewing for me. The game is based on Taro Ito’s Dice Wars which I never heard of before, and according to the site, “Kdice: multiplayer risk-like strategy.” So for Risk players, this game would be familiar.

The game is written in Ajax, CSS, and a dynamic Flash movie in the center to visualize the whole game (‘coz of course, the it’s just all numbers and if-then-else’s in the source code). Instructions on how to join, play and spectate are on the side in really tiny letters.

The instructions are really easy, in fact there are just two, attack or surrender. Ironically, it doesn’t make winning the game any easier. I guess you’ll have to play it a couple of times or research on the actual gameplay.

Well, I guess it isn’t for everybody but looking at the available rooms and players online, it could really be the “in” thing among math and statistics junkies. The only thing I am impressed about it is its back-end coding, the integration of the flash and the Ajax is so cool, not to mention the real-time chat, not new but not bad!