, SMS Broadcaster

December 19th, 2006 at 12:00 am

SMS on the internet is nothing new. There are a wide range of these services readily available on a single Google search. is one of them. Although it’s not the first hit on the search, Joopz is yet another web-based text messaging service that’s worth going to. has two plans for their subscribers, one is free and the other one isn’t. The free service, allows the user to send 10 SMS per month and receive an unlimited amount. The premium service which has a subscription fee of $2.95 a month, allows unlimited texting and unlimited receiving.

So what makes Joopz different? For starters, Joopz features Text Reminders and Scheduled Messages. These are messages sent to your mobile the way your pocket calendar alarms when there’s an entry. Mobile Providers usually charge for this service but on Joopz, its all free and available even on the basic plan. Also, they have SMS forwarding that works like the "I’m on SMS" feature of YahooMessenger, allowing users to receive messages sent to their Joopz account on the their mobiles.

Their best feature is the SMS broadcast or group texting. Furthermore, this group texting has two modes, broadcast and chat. On the broadcast mode, the user sends an SMS from a PC to a whole group and receives any replies on his PC or mobile. The chat mode does the same thing but everybody in the group receives any and all replies to the broadcast.

Personally, I think Joopz is a great tool for SMS based businesses and peronal purposes. As for now, their services are limited to the United States and Canada only.