Soft Robots

December 19th, 2006 at 12:00 am

Just until now, the robot I knew would consist of a machinery and a program. Openkapow defines it without the hardware. Openkapow is a, well, robot maker. Their robots are programs designed to take parts of or whole websites and display that information depending on how the author would need it. These robots are the key components to Openkapow’s idea of mashups.

Not too easy, not so hard

Of course, to make a mashup site, one would need different parts, with different functions. Luckily, robots come in different templates too. There some for clipping, some for feeds, some for streams, some for databases and whatever. The great thing about robots is that they are completely customizable for every purpose imagineable.

Although it’s not as easy to use robots for a mashup site compared to, they are highly flexible. It’s like, Robots is to Flash and Webjam is to SWISH.

The RoboSuite (the program where you make robots) is available from Openkapow is a visual scripting interface where you’ll need minimal hard coding and more clicking and pointing. So it’s still easier than writing down a whole webpage. Furthermore, there are also wizards to help any beginner in creating a robot.

Today, there’s a whole community of openkapow developers and a whole lot more of robots that everyone is free to download and utilize. I think the use of these robots would be a lot of help for developers but for the non-techie blogger and masher, other easier mashup methods and programs would do.