Veotagging, DVD-Like Video Browsing

December 20th, 2006 at 12:00 am is a lot like YouTube but the tagging is more advanced. It’s a lot harder to classify and tag videos due to the fact that they are both moving pictures and audio. So usually, videos are tagged by their content. YouTube tags its videos with a couple of words attached to the file much like meta tags on HTMLs in the net’s infancy. Veotag on the other hand allows more tags and links on the video. Much like hyperlinks on the video itself, more like Ajax on webpages today.

Ok, if that analogy isn’t too clear yet, let me give you another one. Veotag is makes your video file into something like a DVD movie. Veotag adds clickable menus and headings to any part of the video and displays it as an index on the side of the player. It’s easy to do, Veotag, lets users upload their videos and tag them all through their website. Unlike YouTube though, Veotag lets the user tag the parts of the video as it plays and when it’s complete, clicking on those tags leads the viewer to that part of the movie. Of course for search engines, more tags means higher searchability.


Veotag is free, anyone can create their veotagged videos, upload and view. So far they are in beta mode and the alpha promises all the features of YouTube and more.

Anyway, Veotag is not alone in the video tagging business. So far there is Click.TV and the already announced MotionBox that allows deeper tagging (whatever that means). I’m guessing, YouTube will soon be adopting this technology to stay on top. To date, Veotag will still have to reel in the masses to notice and embrace its technology. Their site is great too, very Web 2.0.