Winelog: Everybody’s a Connoisseur

December 22nd, 2006 at 12:00 am is a database and social network site for wine connoisseurs, wine drinkers and practically anybody who wants to blog about wine.

Launched in December 2005, they reached their highest traffic rating 6 months later averaging at over 200 million viewers a day. Although everything went downhill from then, Winelog now maintains a database of more than 10,000 wines.

Winelog also features Wine reviews and wine recommendations designed to fit every users tastes.

The wines are tagged by type, region and variety. Users can browse these wines and see how other people liked it or not. Users can also search for a specific wine and see other people’s opinions and rating of it. Of course they can also submit their own comments and ratings. Basically the wines become threads of a forum.

Winelog wishes to maintain some level of credibility so new entries into their database is moderated hence it does not appear instantly. This does not seem to be a problem for the users who share a passion for wine.

Now, having an account in Winelog means you can list all the wine you like. This list will generate enough information for the system to suggest similar wines that might suit your taste. Also in your account, you can blog around the wines all you like. These blogs of course spawned communities thanks to their add friends feature, within the whole community making it easier among users to discuss and share their opinions on wine. All in all, it’s like a whole myspace for wine lovers.

The target audience of Winelog is obviously not necessarily the techie bunch but it’s features such as the RSS and tagging may introduce their crowd to the Web 2.0 generation of websites.

Personally I think Winelog should serve as a model for enthusiasts of other things.