ZCubes: A New Experience

December 22nd, 2006 at 12:00 am

z cubes

Zcubes.com is the first site I’ve seen that does what it does. What exactly it does is an array of all the magical things we already do on the internet. Users can, browse, create media (video, audio, paint), socialize, develop sites, chat and practically browse every website on the internet using a single web-based platform. Basically, it does everything doable on the internet. How it does it is also a whole salad of the most advanced web technologies to date, DHTML, Ajax, CSS, VML, Javascript, ASP.NET and J2EE to mention a few. And that’s actually great because these technologies are all browser based so there’s no more need to download and install any other programs or plug-ins. As of now, Zcubes is only available on IE. A version on FF is on its way.


So let’s have a look at some of the magical stuff Zcubes features. They actually have an online demo which you can view (http://home.zcubes.com/Demo.htm).

Zcubes calls its users’ finished products “experiences.” These experiences can be saved locally or published online. The great thing about this is, Zcubes is capable of merging today’s top sites into a single experience that would probably draw in more users to this amazing technology.

Early for its Time

Furthermore every experience is available online in the Zcubes gallery much like every page is Myspace, so searching for a certain experience by tags is really helpful in starting the Zcubes social network revolution. There is a slight problem though, all the features of Zcubes may be too early for its time, the connection speed and PC hardware has not adjusted for the enormous amount of data streamed from Zcubes so it’s actually kind of slow. Also, many users might not see much use for a Zcubes experience yet, it definitely will be a trend in the future.

Coming Up

The UI still needs some refining and so far, Zcubes is in beta mode and currently they are adding more features like chat, a web based clipboard, a slideshow, a scripting langguag for Zpaint which will allow Flash-like animations, layered Zcubing, online storage and of course browser support for Firefox. A whole lot to look forward to.