Mooble: Another Social Flash

January 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

The core of a social network (SN) is a database of members. Successful and famous SN’s such as MySpace, Orkut and Friendster use PHP, Javascript, and AJAX technologies to hasten the process of repeatedly accessing, editing, storing and outputting their database contents. These technologies are the heart of web 2.0 that make the internet a more meaningful and enjoyable experience cutting downloading time significantly.

On the other hand, Flash proved to be a useful element in the pre-web 2.0 days giving users entertaining and highly-graphically-animated sites. The downside of Flash sites was the time it took to download its content. Flash technologies have been improving on its compression of data through scripting yet it cannot cope with the advancements of AJAX, PHP and CSS. This makes Flash a very big disadvantage in a social networking site.

Regardless of the handicap Flash brings to a SN, Mooble among others such as Famster and Capazoo, has used it as their front end. Surprisingly Mooble downloads faster than the latter two Flash-based SN sites and probably as fast as MySpace or Friendster but of course the amount of content is lesser.

Mooble is a Flash-based social network much like every other in its industry. Online since 2003, it has acquired 60,000++ members since whenever they began being an SN (the figures give doubt that was initially a social network). Not impressive for a social network. It features the mostly the same as others but there are some spices available on Mooble like instant messaging which works only if singing up for the feature. Another nifty feature is the speed dating option. There is also Daily Mooble, which is basically news.

Nothing new to the SN industry is the blog, photos, messages, forum, member search etc. Mooble being a Flash based site is not entirely customizable but there are some options for simple animations in the name and profile picture.

The best feature of Mooble is its online chat. Mooble hosts a chat room where Mooblers can interact in real time. There are audio and video streams options. It’s like a browser based Yahoo messenger conference mode. Being a browser based chat, it is impressively fast regardless of multiple webcam streams. Outstanding.

All in all, Mooble is impressively fast for a Flash-based social networking site. Complete with all the features every successful SN has, it’s a puzzle why it has few members and mostly only from the United Kingdom where it is based. Personally, I will enjoy using Mooble especially their search function that allows me multiple filtering to find people I might be interested in. Not to mention the chat. Nice.