BlogLinkage, The Same Old Thing

January 18th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Yet another social bookmarking site. When you go to, you’ll notice immediately that at present there’s nothing extraordinary about the site nor does it appear to have something new to offer users/members. It’s the same old social bookmarking thing. Even the site’s design is not that innovative. It follows the same layout and design as and Digg.

However, according to their "About" page, the site was intended to be a bookmarking site dedicated for storing blog links. Similar to other social bookmarking sites, but this time more target specific, BlogLinkage aims in storing, sharing and tagging blog bookmarks for social networking . At least that’s what I gather as the site’s intention. Although, so far the bookmarked sites in its existing list is not limited to blog sites only.

Nevertheless, the site appears to be really brand new so it would be safe to give the administrators the benefit of the doubt. We could assume that what we are now seeing will change drastically in the next few weeks or at the latest in a couple of months.

I personally like the concept. A social bookmarking website that solely searches for different blogs in the Internet. Searches are categorized, of course, by tags to facilitate easier browsing. If the admins of BlogLinkage will be able to filter the type of links contributed by users/members, the site would be unique.

I don’t think there’s a similar site like this. However, there’s still a big possibility that other people will just see the site as a joke. If browsers can already get blog links from the older, bigger bookmarking websites, then why on earth would they still log on to BlogLinkage. But I for one like it.