Billster: Social Calendar for Your Bills

January 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Never until today have i seen such an application that lets you share your financial ins and outs. I mean yeah, most people have their annual planners and palmtop organizers and PC-based software to manage their income and expenses. Usually people don’t parade nor share them. Billster however does exactly the opposite.

Billster is a free online service developed to to organize personal and shared expenses. That’s their official description on their site. Meaning Billster manages 2 kinds of expenses. The personal expenses is easy to understand. What about the shared? Well, according to them (Billster), shared bills are the ones when you chip in with other people like your flat mates, business partner, or even spouse. Anyway, the shared bills feature of Billster lets you manage whom you owe and whom owes you.

Moreover, you could connect to people you owe or owes you and see when you or they need to pay up. This is especially useeful for long term leases or retaining fees or subscription fees. You can set the trend from daily to monthly to yearly or a fraction of any so the application is always up to date. Also, you could send out reminder to people who owe you or alert yourself when you really need to pay someone else.

Of course the personal expense manager is the usual, put in your income and list your spending. You can do this every day or hour or if you move like clock work, just set Billster in advance so the application can keep track of your financial statement.

The coolest thing about Billster are its reports. When all is said and done, you can review or preview your financial calendar as far back or as far forward you’d like. Billster automatically graphs your expenses and receivables to give you an overview of where your money is going. The usual effective range of viewing is 15 days before and after today but of course you can extend or shrink that range for more details.

Personally, I’m not too obsessive with my cash flow and if you’re used to a chaotic mental monitoring system of your finances, then Billster will prove itself to be useless. On the other hand, if you are conscientious and religious about your cash flow, then Billster might just be what you need.

Billster uses Ajax technology and they just entered Beta stage in January 2007 and like all Web2.0 sites, will be developing and polishing as they go.