Creating Posters Online with Tabblo

January 30th, 2007 at 12:00 am


If you’re thinking that is another Flickr, Multiply or Picasa, then you’re absolutely wrong! Well not really "absolutely" wrong. Actually you’re not that far off. Ok, Tabblo is similar to Flickr and other photo blogging sites but have subtle differences and unique features. Happy now? Anyways, Tabblo does not compete directly with Flickr etc. but instead it allows easy photo management within sites by making it easy to import photos from other webpages and arranging them using Tabblo’s photo management tools.

One of the most unique characteristic and perhaps the most enjoyable in Tabblo’s tool arsenal is its collage-like poster making and editing features. Pick and combine a number of photos from your Tabblo gallery, arrange them using the various templates or manually if you like, add texts if you want and publish it as a poster, book, or postcard.

The finished collage is aptly called a Tabblo. These collages are great as digital scrapbooks and photo story telling pages. Some say these collages offer more visual impact than the usual photo slideshows. I can’t agree more. The colors, layout, plus added texts such as poems, quotes, or personal entries make the collage more alive.

The collage tool is easy enough to use. You will quickly be an expert in it if you used it regularly. Some of the templates, however, uploads elongated or out of proportioned images. You need to tweak the images a little bit so you could achieve a well balanced photo. You can always edit and layout the images manually instead of using the template, but still sometimes photos don’t come out right.

If you use great photos and be creative in your layout and design, There’s a good chance that you’ll end up with a very enticing and professional looking collage. Tabblo is free and according to a previous review posted in TechCrunch, it seems that the website is taking a big deal of its revenue from the sale of and printing of Tabblos as posters, cards and photo books.

Now, some people have compared Tabblo to However, there is no actual point of comparison between two. Indeed both handle and manages photos online but Cellsea is more dedicated on online photo enhancement and editing while Tabblo’s editing features are limited and concentrated only in the creation of artistic collages which are intended for network sharing. When you look at Cellsea, you’ll find that it is more of a competitor of rather than Tabblo.