DropShots, is it as Simple as They Claim?

January 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

 Let’s go directly to the point, what makes DropShots different from all other photo and video sharing websites out there on the Internet. DropShots claim that their site offers a much simpler and easier way to upload and share photos and videos online. The site also claims to offer more interaction among its users, sharing is more convenient than in any other site. But such are the claims of basically most of the new and upcoming sites that offer similar services.

I created an account at DropShots to find out how easy the site really is. You get to choose between a free account and a "Star User" account which costs $4.95 per month. In a free account you can only upload around 500 photos and up to 20 videos while the paid account allows you unlimited uploads of files. The number of video uploads may be limiting which could be your main reason why upgrade to a premium account. The great thing with DropShots is that uploading photos and videos are really quick. You don’t have to worry about formats, file or frame sizes.

Member photos and videos are also not displayed publicly. However, one can still search the name of the member in a User Search bar in the homepage. The site is really focused on hosting conversations and interactions between friends and family. Also notable is the audio and video commenting feature. This allows visitors to post audio and video comments directly using their own computer microphone or webcam. No need to install any software. Any user can post audio and video comments instantly alongside the text comments. Everything about DropShots have been streamlined to allow quick and easy ways to share files. Each file also have HTML and BB codes to allow users to link or post them to their own Blogs, IM, webpage, email, message boards and forums.

Let’s compare DropShots to one of the older and perhaps one of the most popular sites that offer photo and video services, Photobucket.com. I’ve been a member of Photobucket for three years now. I’ve seen how the site evolved and improved in the recent years. Still, when it comes to interface and usability, I would have to choose DropShots over Photobucket. However, a free account in Photobucket gives you a 1GB storage space and allows you to post 5-minute videos which makes you think twice of canceling your membership.

Both sites upload a single photo or several photos at a time by opening the file folder on a hard drive, individually clicking on each photo and uploading them. I would like to see both site to feature uploading files by folders. Some photo sharing services already incorporates such feature by installing some plug-ins, one of which is Fotki.com .