Pixilis.com, a Video Sharing Site

January 31st, 2007 at 12:00 am

On the onset Pixilis.com seems to be another clone of YouTube or the also popular Flickr. It most ways it is. Like both sites, Pixilis offers photo and video sharing services. Files can be uploaded, comments can be posted, files can be tagged, networking is possible and photos and videos can be embedded as contents on blogs.

Another thing different with Pixilis is that it allows selling of user contents. This, of course, provided that the materials are not copyrighted materials. Once files have been reviewed for quality and legal integrity, Pixilis can approve their sale over the site. Normal clients that are looking over photos and videos in Pixilis include magazines and book publishers like those of text books and encyclopaedia’s. Other possible clients include advertising and design agencies, companies that create calendars and greeting cards, and various television and film producers.

The pay, however, could have been better. If you have a free account, you are entitled to 0.25 Pixilis credits. Meanwhile, a PRO account will give you 0.5 credits when you decide to purchase from Pixilis. The only problem is that you need 100 Pixilis credits before you could request for a check of your payment. You might actually have to wait for a while before you could see that check on your doorstep. One Pixilis credit is equivalent to $1 USD.

Overall the site doesn’t look bad. I particularly like the black and yellow color thing that they have going there. But regardless, there are hundreds of YouTube clones out there and Pixilis needs to add more if they really want to be unique. Nevertheless, it seems the site is doing good so far, if they’re happy with that then case closed.