Movie reviews via Flixster

February 1st, 2007 at 12:00 am

One would wonder how exactly was able to do it. According to a recent news from TechCrunch, Flixster was able to get financing from LightSpeed Ventures for the amount of $2 million. Considering that the site only began in January 2006, it was almost too good to be true when the site’s statistics peak at about four to 31 million page views per month from March to December of last year.

When we look at the site, we see that its aim is to become a community dedicated solely for people who are interested in movies. The big difference Flixster has from other video or movie sharing websites is that it doesn’t fall short of content and information. There’s always something to read about.

The site provides an opportunity for users to review movies and comment on them. Here, users can see information about their favorite movies, actors and actresses, read a variety of reviews, see what the movies your friends like or didn’t like, watch video clips and of course establish a network of friends that share your same interests. Movie ratings are through the use of a 5-star grading system. There’s also the "Want to See It" or "Not Interested" options in case you haven’t seen the film yet.

Flixster has a very simple and functional interface. It’s like your MySpace but with a lot more interesting stuff in it. Users can also choose skins giving their review pages a personalized touch.

With the drawing of the capital investment, industry observers are looking at how Flixster will attack this opportunity and what other changes will they incorporate to their website. I personally would want to see some movies for sale or for rent in Flixster. The site could also offer downloads, promotions as well as movie advertisements. Regardless, the next couple of months will be very interesting for Flixster.