Earfeeder: Let the App Find Who You Like

February 2nd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Music has been a very popular topic of the internet. In fact you’ll find a whole lot of sites that deal with music, some play them, some list them, some mix them, some share them, some sell the,m and all other sorts of stuff. Earfeeder is one of those that just reports music.

Earfeeder is a web application that allows customizable RSS feeds on artists. Simply put, users get all the latest news on their favorite artists via RSS. With Earfeeder, there’s no need to go to a music news site to get the lowdown on artists. With the RSS and email features, news on the user’s favorite artists are delivered directly, and automatically.

A great thing about Earfeeder is that the users do not have to manually select or specify which artists they would like to read about. Earfeeder will search the user’s hard disk for music and determine the artists the user listens to. After searching the hard drive, Earfeeder displays the artists and lets the user select which ones are his favorites. There are no limits to how many the user wants to receive news on.

News on the artists as well as concert announcements, ticket information, and new releases are fed via RSS and/or email. Earfeeder supports almost all RSS readers so it doesn’t matter which one the user is accustomed to.

Earfeeder is a product of SonicSwap, the makers of Boink. They are a music sharing service that help users shop and share music and playlists. Currently, the only similar service to Earfeeder is Bebopular but they only work effectively in the UK and Ireland.