Ms. Dewey, The HOT Search!

February 3rd, 2007 at 12:00 am

Recently an SEO named Charles S. Knight wrote an article about the Top 100 search engines. Of course the toppers were the usual Google, Yahoo, MSN and Ask. Basically he said that there’s a whole lot more of search engines better than Google in terms of Artificial Intelligence, Clustering, Social, and I guess the one I paid the most attention to, Homepage.

Usually, search engines are merely portals for the internet, they Google in nearly a blank page with just a text field and a search button, Yahoo and MSN have their news and plethora of ads. Basically, homepages of search engines are, as Mr. Knight eloquently puts it, boring.

Then there’s Ms. Dewey. When I was typing in the URL I was already just expecting to see a slight improvement on Dogpile. I was so wrong. Unlike any other search engine seen before, here’s where you really ask a person and she’ll answer! The best thing about is the she! Ms. Dewey is brought to life by actress Janina Gavankar. At first you’ll think she’s a soft spoken geeky librarian. In fact she’s the complete polar opposite of a librarian. I’ll describe her as, sexy, loud, street smart, comic, entertaining, sexy, witty, sultry, irritating, sexy, seductive, a woman that gets on your nerves but you still want her, funny, and did i already mention sexy?

Technically, Ms. Dewey is nothing more than a collection of video clips designed to react correctly to certain tags a user searches for. Well, sometimes her reaction doesn’t make any sense but it sure is better than her not being there. Anyway, Ms. Dewey is also just a Flash based interface for Microsoft Live Search. Meaning, it is the Microsoft Live Search only with a super hot front end. Come to think of it, "Ms." in Ms. Dewey could mean Microsoft and "Dewey" could be a code name for some project we haven’t heard of yet, or it could mean nothing whatsoever.

Performance wise, Ms. Dewey search engine at the moment cannot replace Google or Live or the other search engines because it did not do more than just improve the interface. Essentially, the results are the same with Microsoft Live and options like image search are still unavailable.

All in all, Ms. Dewey shows us how boring search on other engines are. Microsoft has not been hard marketing it but rather letting it spread like a virus (viral marketing) or by word of mouth. According to a Wikipedia article, Ms. Dewey is an experimental interface for Windows Live. That only means there’ll be more of this coming up.

All that being said, I just love her, period.