PXN8.com, Definitely a Favorite

February 5th, 2007 at 12:00 am

 If you have spent a lot of time blogging or posting in network communities, chances are you’ve encountered a few online photo editors. Functions of web-based photo editors range from the simple rotating and resizing of photos to the creation of image effects and addition of image quality enhancements. Among the notable best online photo editors is PXN8.com. It has a simple interface yet the editing functions are relatively powerful and are quite effective.

You can upload images to PXN8 for editing in two ways: first is through your PC’s hard drive and second is through any online album or gallery, you just need to enter the web address of the image to upload the file.

Once the image has been uploaded, you can now start editing it using the rather large editing tool buttons on the left side of the working template. I’m not complaining about the size of the buttons, in fact the size was very helpful in creating a great user interface that PXN8 is known for. New users can be guided by balloon tips that appear above the associated tools once the mouse pointer is placed over them.

All the basic editing tools are present. In my opinion, the most important are the photo "enhance" and "fill light" functions. But even through the "enhance" tool works pretty well, I personally would like to see a preview menu while using the tool. Plus if enhancements were to be done manually ideally by adjusting levers, pretty much like the "Levels" in Adobe Photoshop, then it would be just great. I understand, however, that this may present some specific problems. By adding steps to the already streamlined editing process, the whole functionality of the website could be compromised.

Also, even as we claim that fast editing can be done with PXN8, the speed is still a far cry from independent softwares that are up for sale. Nevertheless, for a free, web-based editing software, PXN8 is surely one of the great choices out there.

Aside from the basic tools, PXN8 has a couple of "fun effects" that will help add character to uploaded image. PXN8 can create Lomo effects, change textures to oil paints or charcoals, and even add texts on the photographs. Also, a great thing about the site is that any edited photo can be saved to your local hard drive or uploaded directly to Flickr. Unless, Flickr or PXN8 are having technical problems, uploading photos to Flickr is generally smooth and easy.

PXN8 is said to be the best of the Ajax based editors around. Some have argued and compared the advantages and disadvantages of using Ajax from those Flash run in-based photo editor websites. PXN8 has already gained quite a following but with the recent launching of Picnik, a completely flash operated online editing web-app, people in the industry might have changed minds.