Dosize, resizing photos 10 at a time to 5 at a time.

February 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Many sites provide services that are more than users can chew. There are some however that are very specific and provide a simple single service. For example, Jpegr provides image hosting, Yousendit provides email for large files, Dropboks provides storage. These services only have a single service that is fast, efficient, effective, and free, and they excel in it. Dosize is one of these companies with a simple objective, resize pictures.

Usually pictures from digital cameras have mega pixel resolutions that are actually really big when viewed on a computer. Also, these high pixel resolutions consume so much space that they are most of the time inconvenient for uploading on the internet. True, there are batch converters and resizers like IrfanView and AseeDC but there are more people who do not have these applications or are hesitant in buying them. Dosize is an alternative for resizing picture files. It's simple, it's fast and it's free.

It takes three steps to use Dosize, upload, then choose size, and finally send. The uploading has a capacity of 10 files per batch. All the user has to do is find the files and put them in the fields. then click “Do Upload.” Uploading time is dependent on the size of the photos but usually for a single 600KB file it takes less than 10 seconds. Choosing the size has two options, the first is to let dosize decide what size is most efficient for web use, and the second is for printing where the user decides the size of prints he would like (4×6”, 5×7”, or 8×10”). After that selection the sharing begins. A single batch of photos can be sent to 5 recepients. And that's the entire service, nothing more, nothing less.

Personally, these types of services appeal to me because of their simplicity. It probably isn't used by a lot of people for the exact same reason. That fact however, benefits the application's users in terms of speed and efficiency hence building a small yet strong support base through donations and AdSense that keeps the service online.