Fauxto: Online Photoshop, looks like it but not quite.

February 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Photo editing has been around since the beginning of the photograph. Computers just made everything easier, and the web made it more available. More and more photo editing applications keep popping up on the net mainly because there are already a lot of photo hosting sites like Flickr and Multiply.

Fauxto is one of these applications. Surprisingly, it is the only application that looks a whole lot like Adobe Photoshop. Its palettes are arranged on the right side of the canvass, tools on the left, and it utilizes layers too. Also there are simple filters accessible from the toolbar. Fauxto is a Flash based application so the right-click doesn’t work like Photoshop . Like Photoshop however, Fauxto is capable of editing multiple pictures at a time with its tabbed canvass.

The tools palette has more options than most similar web based applications. There are transform tools, brush tools, line and shape tools, bucket and gradient, pencil, eraser and text, and even smudge tool to get rid of those nasty zits. Compared to Photoshop, this toolbar is at least 50% complete in functions. The missing 50% includes zoom function, hand function and magic wand function among others.

On the other side of the canvass there’s the color palette. Colors are contain all the hex from 000000 to ffffff. Colors can also be chosen using CMYK and RGB. Another option for the colors is the alpha adjustments, the color palette allows the user to adjust the transparency of the selected color.

Then there’s the layers palette where layer positions can be managed as well as layer effects (aka blending options). Opacity of the layers can also be adjusted in this palette. Moreover, adding and deleting of layers is easy with the available buttons on this palette.

Basically, Fauxto is trying to make an online version of Adobe Photoshop. Their tools are for from complete but they are getting there. Filters are already available but not exactly complete, saving and sharing options are also available but not complete too.

According to Fauxto’s blog, they suck. Personally, I think they belittle themselves. When Adobe first created Photoshop, it took them more than 10 years to come with Photoshop CS2. It has not been a decade yet for Fauxto to come up with an online version so I guess they’re doing a great job.