, Probably an Understated Site

February 6th, 2007 at 12:00 am

 Commercially available photo editing software can be quite expensive. What people don’t know is that it is now common to have such software bundled when you buy your own personal computer. However, if you find out that your computer don’t have any editing software installed, you could rely on a variety of online photo editing web apps. The good news about these kinds of web apps is that most of them are absolutely free. Plus most of the sites have adequate editing capabilities. If you want to maximize online photo editing and if you’re not in a hurry, you could use a combination of websites instead of relying on just one. Let’s admit it, there are no online image editing tool that is as powerful as Adobe Photoshop. We do wish that one exists, though.

Let’s look at one of the more popular in-browser photo editing applications. , an absolutely free web-app that is dedicated in editing photos online and is closely connected with Though, Preloadr is free you need to log-in using either your Yahoo email or you account. I hate this part. As a user, I prefer going straight on the photo editing part. Registering or logging on is, at least for me, a waste of time.

If I want to upload my photos to Flickr, I’ll do so at my own convenience. However, the site explained clearly why they have the log-in part. When you look at the "About Us" section of Preloadr, you will see that the site was made to "…extend the fantastic capabilities of the Flickr platform with state-of-the-art image editing functions and make all that accessible from any computer connected to the internet." I can’t argue with that. So if get irritated by Flickr or by just the process of logging in, then this is not the photo editing website for you. But, before you go and look for your own web app, I encourage you to read on and see some of Prelodr’s features to give you an idea what you will be missing.

Preloadr has the usual basic stuff: crop, resize options, rotate and flip controls and the undo and redo commands. As a free user you can upload up to a 100 plus MB of files per month and you can choose to upload any file for editing as long as it will not be over the maximum 5.0 MB file size limit. Now this is not the interesting stuff, what I noticed immediately when I uploaded a photo is the presence of Layers. Yes, Layers.

Of course it falls short of Layers in Adobe Photoshop, but for a web based editing software this is really amazing. Fauxto, a flash based in-browser photo editing tool has similar layering capabilities, but so far Preloadr’s is better. In Preloadr, you could create multiple layers by uploading new images as layers, you could also move layers independently, apply various filters independently on each layer, and later save the layers into a single image.

Preloadr is actually an integration of Flickr API and nexImage photo editing software. One of its editing capabilities is nexImage’s v2.3.1 "Graduation Curve". This allows users to edit luminosity and RGB independently. Just like the Curve tool of Adobe Photoshop, one can edit image exposures precisely using curves.

Meanwhile, it seems that when it comes to image Filters, other sites have the advantage over Preloadr. Preloadr has the necessary brightness and contrast options as well as other image effects like inverse, swirl and granulation. PXN8 has snow, sepia, and charcoal filter effects.

Regardless, Preloadr in my book is one of the top five online photo editing website. It has versatility and have lots of editing options to fool around with. Speed, however, is really a problem. Uploading photos and applying editing and effects really takes time.