, a social debate site

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Are you in a mood to argue? Do you have this strong urge to express your opinions? Or do just want to irk someone off? You can do these things and more at .

This rather new website is dedicated for hosting online public debates. Once you have signed in, yes you do need to create an account even if you're just going to vote, you can participate in any of the site's three debate venues. There's the Open Debates where any registered user can choose sides and participate. There's no limit on how many arguments you post. You can post your own argument or choose “Rebuttal” to stress your disagreement. You can vote on which side you believe in and at the same time you can also signify your agreement to a person's argument by clicking “Convinced Me” which is just above the person's post. This way individuals can gain points especially since there are no declared winners for the Open Debates.

On the other hand, if you're more confident and assertive, you could also participate in Competitive Debates where a user can engaged in or issue a challenge to any other registered user. Challenges cannot be retracted and a win can only be bestowed to the debater who first gained all the number of votes that was previously agreed upon as the number needed to win. Users who are mere spectators cannot join in, of course, but they can express their own side on the matter or react to the arguments posted through the “Comments” option.

And finally, the King of the Hill which is more like a private, competitive discussion but is more challenging than the normal one-on-one debates. In the KOTH, a debater is only allowed to post a single argument. People will vote on which argument they think is the best one. The debater who will first get 100 points will be considered the winner for that topic/issue.

The site may not be that different from any ordinary message boards that hosts discussions on a variety of issues and arguments. However, at least with ConvinceMe you know that everything is about expressing your ideas and opinions. The site also has a set rules which guides the discussions, making them look more serious, educated arguments. Still, there will always be people who will post nonsensical and even rude comments. Because of this, the site observes the following rules and guidelines for posting.

The site doesn't allow the usual profane comments directed towards users or debaters, nor will the site admins tolerate any personal attacks. They want to maintain a level of professionalism and proper debate decorum throughout the site. No racial slurs are allowed as well as threats or any implications thereof. The sanction for violations of any of the set rules is, tadah! removal of an account. Well, what else can they do. It's not like the site admin can charge money for every violation committed. is completely free, by the way. Signing in is quite easy and the interface is simple and in my humble opinion is quite nice. The site keeps a Top Debates for the day and the week as well as tags categories for easier access. You can also have the site RSS.

The topics are not yet that varied. The site was launched only recently after all. It would be interesting how the topics will evolve in the next few months and how the owners and admins would be able to control the increasing number of posts, arguments, discussions and topics on their website.