and other video editing web tools

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am will be launching its beta version soon, this according to the information posted on its website. I got pretty much interested in the site when I've read about it in a recent article posted in TechCrunch. I conducted a simple research in the Internet and It seems that has been in the development stage since mid last year. It was around March 2006 that news first came out about a website called that was aiming to build a new video platform for the Web. News back then indicated that this up and coming startup was going to empower the users by giving them the capabilities to edit, delete, share and watch videos online. But things did not stop there it seems, the beta version is also expected to create captions, insert sound effects and will be able to loop different parts of the video.

Everything will be web-based, you will not be required to download, upload, or install anything in order to edit your photos. When you use Cuts, you will be able to get videos from sites like YouTube, cut it into pieces, incorporate your ideas and post it for the public or for your friends to enjoy. Accessing videos is very easy, its either you get the URL of the video or cut it through bookmarklet.

The whole thing is similar to Yahoo's Jumpcut and Motionbox . We just hope that it integrates both the great editing tools found in Jumpcut and a similar deep tagging feature found in MotionBox. The site would be great if it did. But for now, we just have to wait for the beta version to come out to really get to now how Cuts will influence the present trends in online editing websites. Meanwhile, let's take a look at some other startups aside from Jumpcut and Motionbox.

Eyespot came out a little earlier than Jumpcut. It has the ability to do basic editing such as trimming of videos and adding supplemental audio tracks, very limiting compared to Jumpcut which can add transitions and various other effects between videos clips. Eyespot has the usual Web 2.0 tagging, blogging, grouping, and sharing features.

Videoegg is another site where you can easily upload your videos and share them through the web. Editing, however, is limited to basic trimming of beginning and end points. You could also use the erase tool to remove middle parts of the footage.

I don't know if you've heard of this one, One True Media . Just like the other sites mentioned, One True Media allows you to you upload video clips, static images and audio files. Once uploaded, you can create a movie or presentation of your own using very limited editing controls. Actually what you will be creating is a montage of clips or images. You could apply some fade in and fade out effects at the end of each clip, though.