Jamglue, edit your audio online.

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Audio editing software usually comes with a really heavy price tag. Adobe had a hard time getting users to edit audio with their Audi/Video editing software Adobe Premiere. They were trumped by a smaller company called Syntrillium that had a product calle Cool Edit Pro. Cool Edit was not free but it was easy to learn and easier to crack (thanks to Peter Quistgard) hence it became the weapon of choice for many people, musicians, and radio stations.

Syntrillium was eventually bought by Adobe and Cool Edit Pro became Adobe Audition. Fortunately this acquisition was just in time for Web 2.0 where all sorts of free services appear online. Sure as expected, there are free web applications that could be substituted for Adobe Audition.

Jamglue is an online audio editing application and community. Users can upload and edit audio files as well as remix existing Jamglue mixes. Of course users can also create their own mixes from scratch. Creating a mix is a lot like making it in Cool Edit. Multiple clips are shown in a layered time line. Clips can be duplicated, and rearranged. Volume controls like fade in and fade out for each clip are also available. Unlike desktop audio editors, Jamglue does not have filters and effects. Anyway, clips can be cropped and moved on the time line by dragging handles.

Sharing the mix is possible by publishing it in the Jamglue gallery, by embedding it in a website or blog (an embed code is provided for all mixes), and by email (the recepient will receive a URL to the mix). Though there are no export to file options on Jamglue this does not seem to decrease the number of users. The gallery now exhibits more than 5000 mixes and more are added everyday. I suppose there's not much need for sharing mixes as files anymore but if needed, people would find a way to record it off the web (personally, I would with Cool Edit).

All in all, Jamglue has made audio editing available to everybody for free. With their community growing and their competition (SpliceMusic) gaining lots of users as well, audio editing and sharing has never been so widespread.