Jumpcut online video editor

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When YouTube came online, videos started popping up and their content spiked up phenomenally. Apparently, video was one medium people were trying find a venue for. It has always been a harder task to remix and edit videos from tape or digital sources. Video editors like Adobe Premiere became popular with its visual timeline and pre made effects. Microsoft came up with an easier version with their Windows Movie Maker that came with Windows XP OS. Still these were desktop based and though many choose these applications for editing their videos, the idea of doing it all online and on the fly was irresistible for the once start up company Jumpcut.

Jumpcut is an online video editor that allows its users to create movies from scratch, from existing movies or from templates. Making movies from scratch start by uploading photos, music, and videos. These then become clips that you can edit on a timeline. The editing interface is very straightforward. Rearranging clips is done by drag and drop. Each clip’s length can be adusted on its own timeline with two clippers. Basically, the whole process of editing videos and is very easy. I got it right away. Options like audio, titles, effects and styles are also available in the Jumpcut editor.

Videos from Jumpcut are saved in FLV format in the users’ accounts. Sharing these videos can be done by publishing them to the Jumpcut gallery. The gallery is a lot like their version of YouTube but there’s a feature they have that trumps YouTube, remix. All public videos could be remixed by any user on Jumpcut. Each video has a remix button that when clicked, the video goes directly to the Jumpcut editor and all its components are displayed and readied for editing.

Jumpcut indeed is a great service and it;s not the only one in its class. Motionbox and Cuts are other applications similar to Jumpcut.

All in all, the service is commendable and very useful. Jumpcut had a lot of angels and VC’s financing them until finally Yahoo aqcuired them. It was a smart move on the part of Yahoo to purchase Jumpcut since its potential could be the next YouTube.