, still one of the best

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Rudimentary editing. This was the perception most people had when the concept of online video editing first came out. They claim that editing online will never even come close to commercially available video editing software. You know, they're probably right, but so what. The mere fact that developers were able integrate these editing controls in a web-based environment is already a feat to behold. Even today, a lot of video related websites provide only basic editing functions and controls for the users, their focus being more on sharing and social networking. On the other hand, quite a few websites relatively do have great video editing functions. Among the more popular ones is , a web based video editing application which targets casual video users as its main market.

It's not that hard to use Motionbox. First you need to create an account and make sure you have an updated Adobe Flash Player installed. Motionbox views and edits videos using flash and it won't work if your version is lower than Flash Player9. Once you've verified your account and everything is set up, you could now upload a video and set up parameters such as video title, description, tags as well as privacy conditions along the way. The site, however, only limits uploads to files not greater than 100MB. Uploading files might take a while but the wait is pretty much worth it. When you upload your files to Motionbox, it will convert the video files into flash to reduce size. However, the original uploaded file will not be lost but instead is stored by the website for the purposes of those who want to purchase or download DVDs of the original which is the much better quality version.

Motionbox is also more than just a web-based video editing tool. It also functions as a means to create social networks. Once you've signed in, you could join a Group which you think shares your interests. You could upload and share your videos with them, enrich your online interactions through discussions and frequent communication. At present, the site's staff and admins are the only ones who can create and manage the groups. But it seems that Motionbox wants to turn-over this function soon to the users themselves. This is good, since users can create groups on their own that people at Motionbox might have overlooked.

One of the features that started people to rave about Motionbox is its “deep tagging” feature. Deep tagging simply means assigning labels to specific portions of a video for easy reference, search, and navigation. Once you placed a specific tag on a segment, you can directly go to those specific parts of the video. This keeps Motionbox ahead among other editing web tools such as Jumpcut and Eyespot .

It is also good that Motionbox uses a thumbnail version of the player which lets you preview a video clip. This allows users to quickly determine if the video is really worth watching saving them time and effort in the process.

The future of web-based video editing is still uncertain. Motionbox or Jumpcut may be at the top now but a year from now who knows. In fact a new video editing site will be launching its beta version soon, , and its developers are promising a lot and expectations are already high.