MyPictr, avatar for every network

February 7th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Without a doubt, social networks are the sites people visit, and revisit more than anything. Having an account in a social network has great importance to users for whatever reason they individually have. And every social network allows its users to display and picture in their profile. Different social networks have different picture sizes though so not all the time will a single picture work.

Cropping and fitting can sometimes be a drag especially if you do not have the software to do it. When that happens, people more often than not resort to MS Paint and sometimes crap up their faces. Now there is a free and easier way to get that perfect smile of yours from a group picture and make it into your own profile avatar.

As I have written before, specialized web applications appeal to me because of their simplicity. MyPictr is another one of those do-only-one-thing applications. MyPictr is a photo cropper that is designed to fit your face into the frame of your profile in your favorite social network. Lets take digg for example, their optimal size for an avatar is 48×48 pixels, on the other hand, YouTube's is 130×100 pixels. With MyPictr, you need only upload a single picture, then select the network you're going to use if for, and finally save your avatar. If I did this in Photoshop, it would take at least four steps and I'd still have to wait for the program to start up.

MyPictr supports about 20 or more of the most popular social networks, Myspace, Friendster, LastFM, YouTube, Skype, Flickr, Blogger, etc. MyPictr also allows users to set the dimensions of the avatar making it virtually possible to use in any site that uses a JPEG avatar.

Auto resizing of pictures when uploading in a social network does not give the option to crop. MyPictr is a simple solution for a simple yet ignored problem.