i4giveu: “forgive me PC for I have sinned.”

February 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

When it comes to social interaction on the web, there are no holds barred on the topics on which people will form a community around. Obviously we've seen social networks revolving around friends, colleagues, school, love, sex, sports, technology, shopping, food, photography, video, audio, music, fashion, hobbies, religion, are just the usual suspects. And it may have never crossed your mind, but there is a social network all about sins! Sins, any wrong doing, thought, or anything that passes the definition of a sin. In this network, people confess their sins and the community decides whether it's ok or not. The community is called, i4giveu.

The name makes sense when you start reading the posts and tag cloud. Here you will find every naughty act and read about it. It's actually interesting reading the confessions, some are funny, some are gross and some are just kinky. Anyways, confessions range from simple white lies and spilling a drink to rape, incest and murder. Again one of the great things about the internet is the anonymity. Anyway, there are no rules in writing confessions so it could be in full detail or simply saying what the sin was. Actually there is also spam. Confessions are tagged by sins and not surprising, the heaviest in the tag cloud are (aside from General) sex, stupidity, lies, adultery.

The interactive part comes in the comments and rating. For every confession, user comments are allowed just like a review site. Every registered user can rank a confession if it's forgiveable or not. Then every user is rated by the number of forgivable and unforgivable offenses. Some become angels and of course, some become devils.

There seems to be no honest personal interaction between users on i4giveu due to the sensitive nature of the confessions but there is an option for those really emotional about it. An IM service is available on i4giveu where users can chat with one another and probably exchange contact info for whatever reason. The IM is powered by Gabber.

Again, social networking has produced a community about an everyday phenomenon that people would rather not talk about face to face. I guess it's one of the benefits of the Web, people can hide behind avatars much like super heroes hide behind their masks to protect their identities while prowling around the city. i4giveu sounds outrageous but some of its subscribers find refuge there.