iBloks. Music videos for the lazy

February 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Music videos have always been popular since MTV first aired. When YouTube came along, people started to make their own videos for their favorite songs. Windows XP provided a free movie editor and creator (Windows MovieMaker) where slideshows with background music were very easy to make using existing MP3, JPG files, and video clips. Online services began popping out to cater to this need.

iBloks is a video creator that is able to generate output with minimum user input. Making a music video usually means that the user has to lay out his visuals on top of the music. With iBloks however, all the user needs to give the application is the music and the pictures. After that, a single click generates a music video! That's the easiest way to do it in iBloks, of course there are other options but basically the user has not much control over the timeline of the resulting video.

Effects are not present but there are modifications to the usual fade and zoom transitions but those are for sale. The shop of ibloks sells elements users would use to make their videos more attractive, like transitions, video clips, stock photos. Some elements are free aand some go for $0.99.

The output of an iBlok remix is a Flash Video file coupled with a player. It's ready to use anywhere on the net. Sharing options include, email, IM, and embed. If the iBlok is shared by email, it's embedded in the message so the recipient simply clicks on play. The IM share option generates a URL where the iBlok is located. Finally embedding options are also available in small, medium and large sizes.

iBloks also keeps a gallery of its videos. Newest videos appear on top of the list as well as the most popular videos. As usual, the gallery is where communities are formed and criticisms are voiced out.

Personally, the videos on iBloks aren't really mind-blowingly great. Though because of the its capability to import existing video clips into an iBlok, some videos are just cute. Anyway, it may not appeal to me, iBloks ranks at 142000 and receives about 50000 visitors a month according to Compete. I just wish the effects were easier to use and free.