Pixer.us simple editting

February 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Most people don't need the vast amount of photo editing options of Photoshop. Quick fixes like crop, rotate, resize and minor color adjustments are usually the features of online photo editors like Snipshot and Picnik. Aside from them there is a less heard of service that does the same thing, Pixer.us.

Pixer.us is an Ajax based photo editor capable of rotation, cropping, resize, flipping and effects. Rotation is not only supports 90-degree angles, unlike Snipshot and Picnik that are capable of fine tuned rotations. Cropping however is as good as the competition, Ajax enables marquee dragging for selection much like the crop tool in Photoshop. The resize option of Pixer.us allows users to adjust the image size with a slider that proportionally increases or decreases the dimensions of the photo. Flipping on the other hand is much simpler with only two options, flip horizontally or flip vertically.

Effects in Pixer.us are interesting. Brightness, contrast, and saturation can be adjusted with sliders for each. This is not much of an advantage though since it's sometimes harder that just entering a number. The next effect are the color effects with only 6 options to choose, Greyscale, Invert, Sepia, Red Green and Blue. These filters work the usual way and they workon top of each other, meaning, effects can be added on effects. Blur and sharpness can also be adjusted with sliders and finally special effects are more like preset textures that can be added to the image. There are 11 effects and honestly I hope they were present in Photoshop.

Basically Pixer.us is a photo-quick-fix-one-stop-shop. The whole interface is easy to use fith all options already available on the home page. Simply upload the picture that needs to be edited and immediately start. There is an undo button if the effect does not suit your taste. The undo can only go one step back as well as go back to the original photo.

All in all, Pixer.us's speed and transition is not anything special or entertaining or smooth. Without making any improvements on its interface Pixer will soon be unable to keep up with the likes of Snipshot and Picnik.