Zirr.us, your To Do list on the web

February 8th, 2007 at 12:00 am

InterfaceThis has claimed that Zirr.us is a totally new approach in creating To Do lists. They claimed that Zirr.us is beyond the traditional and it is both innovative and useful for people who want to keep their lives simple and organized. Zirr.us features, and I'm quoting here, a “cutting-edge Web interactivity” and uses tag clouding techniques in arranging entries.

Zirrus offers two kinds of To Do lists, the “Braindump” which can contain anything that you think of, and the “Now” which is made up of your more immediate list of things to do. You can freely move entries back and forth each category. When you create a new task, you add specific description to your entry, create tags, set priority and calendar them or designate the due date. For easy access, you can organize your To Do list according to priority, due date, name or even by status. For even easier access, you can always rely on your own tagging system to organize your listings.

Zirr.us is very, very simple. It has a direct user interface with straightforward functions and options. Did I mention Zirr.us was simple? I don't know if this is because the site is new and is still in its development stage, but when you compare it to other To Do list websites like Wallnote.com and Stikkit.com , the site will appear lacking in options and functions. On the bright side, you don't really need a lot of complications. Life is complicated as it is and you probably don't need a To Do list, of all things, that is not that easy to use or navigate. On the other hand, when you want to be creative and fully exhaust the capabilities of an online To Do list, simple Zirr.us might not just cut it.

Fortunately, Zirr.us can now be put into a dashboard, sidebar, My Yahoo!, Google Reader, etc. since it now has RSS support. This will keep you posted on your daily lists or activities and will allow you to view your tasks via a variety of sites and applications.

When you view the InterfaceThis blog, it seems that they are continuously updating and developing Zirr.us based on general feedbacks. It would be interesting to see what other features they will add into it in the coming months and if they will maintain simplicity or trade it off a little for added functionality.