Darejunkies.com, video community with a twist

February 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Darejunkies.com , video community with a twist If you think Darejunkies.com is just your run-of-the-mill social networking video community then think again. I have yet to see a video social network with the same twists as that of Darejunkies.

Let's begin describing the similarities first. Like the rest of the video social network communities out in the Web, Darejunkies features video contributions which showcase the various ways members or posters express themselves. It is a place where you can share your videos and interact with people of the same interests online. You can browse and search for users and videos. The site also incorporates search filters like browsing by sex, status or sexual orientation, pretty much like the features found in Friendster or Myspace. Members even have a section where they could write blog entries. Overall the user interface is functional. You need to sign up to be able to post your video and participate on the voting. I also find it great that you could add “video comments” aside from the usual text reactions.

And now for the interesting part, the thing the set Darejunkies apart. There are two kinds of videos being uploaded to the site a present. There's the general videos which shows users and their crazy antics and the second one is a collection of videos that are submitted in answer to the site's challenges and dares. With videos similar to those we see in Jackass and those candid shots in World Amazing videos, Darejunkies are breaking boundaries on the content side of video social networking. And get this, members are getting paid for their contributions. The website will give 10 videos the distinction of being called the top ten videos of the month and will give them cash prizes. The first place top pointer will receive $1500, second place is $1000, third is $750 and fourth place receives $500. Sixth to eighth place winners will receive $250 each while the ninth and tenth will receive $125 each.

At present there are already more than 140 challenges on the site's Challenge List. Categories range from politics to relationships, from games to work, from music to food, and many more. When you open a challenge, it contains clear directions on what your video should contain.

According to the website, Darejunkies is offering people a choice. People can either waste their ”content and time on the other video sharing communities, or you can give your videos a purpose and win cash.” This is how the site motivates to gather lots of video contributions. However, one would worry about the ramifications of giving dares and challenges. Contributors might interpret things to the extreme and end up doing super crazy things that are extremely violent, socially unacceptable and bordering on the illegal. This may elicit complaints from other internet users and might start a clamor to remove these video online. People in Darejunkies, however, promises to screen each video entry and requests for video uploads. There might come a time where they really have to stay on top of things.

The site launched in full beta early January this year. I've viewed a number of videos and challenges already. So far, I find the the videos interesting, diverse and very entertaining to watch.