Hey!Watch, Converts video for your gadget.

February 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

With all the devices available on the market today, most people have at least one more video player aside from a PC. Today, most video content come in digital format, and on the internet and we all want to transfer that into a mobile device or a DVD for portability and storage. Problem is, there is as many file formats as there are mobile media devices. For example, a video that plays in an Archos won't play in an iPod, or a video from YouTube won't play in Windows Media Player. This is where file conversion comes in. Although there are already desktop based file converters, having an online converter is still more accessible.

Hey!Watch is an online video converter that by far has the most convenient options and UI as compared to Zamzar and MediaConvert. Videos can be uploaded from different sources, from a hard drive, a URL, or an RSS feed. Uploaded videos are converted right away, they are first stored as “Raw Videos” in the user's library. To convert or encode a video into a desired format, the user clicks on a link where he can choose for which device or format he would like to use. Devices include the most popular brands like Archos, Apple (iPod), Creative, PSP, Wii, etc. Video formats also include trhe most popular formats like 3gp, MP4, MPEG, etc. The best thing about these devices and formats is you can create your own (with premium account) or request directly from them a format that does not exist in their choices. (Response time is actually impressive, I requested for a format and their tech guy emailed me back right away.) Encoded files are then put into another part of the user library where they can be downloaded.

Upload and conversion time is no problem either. It's nothing especially fast nor slow, just normal. Furthermore, aside from the uploading options on Hey!Watch's web site, they also offer a bookmarklet. This plug-in allows the browser to automatically transfer any video on the internet into the user's Hey!Watch Raw videos with a single click.

Moreover, Hey!Watch has a REST API for developers to utilize for customized products.