, bringing elegance and style

February 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

A fashion based social network. I've seen quite a few social networking site some based on tagging, link sharing, music, on photo and video sharing, careers, blogging, sports and business. So a fashion based social network was rather new to me and honestly it came a bit of surprise when Mashable published a short review of, a new and soon to be launched fashion community. Reading the Mashable article made me interested on the site and I had to visit it myself to see what it is all about.

Iqons's aim is to create a fashion community in the web which can be equally compared to the likes of Myspace when it comes to music. It wants the site to be the center of fashion where players in the industry like designers, models, photographers, retailers, show producers, stylists, fashion PR professionals, magazine publishers, manufacturers, head-hunters, consumers and aficionados can get a chance to interact, share and express themselves. The site has quite an ambition but site developers seem to be optimistic that they can accomplish such great results. It seems that the site is banking on the diverse and very active fashion community to keep the site moving forward and evolving like in the fields of fashion news and information.

It is easy to sign up, you just need a valid email address and your preferred or desired portrait name. Once you're in, you can edit your profile freely. By the way, registration is free. When I was reading the About section, the word “entourage” immediately caught my attention. Scenes from the hit HBO series “The Entourage” came flashing in my mind. I was thinking of a select group of friends from my own contact list who were willing to be my called my entourage, my select partners in crime, my close associates, my close buds, you get the idea. Upon closer examination, however, i found out that the “Entourage” IS your your contact/friends list. I had to say goodbye to my dreams of feelings of grandeur and exclusivity.

Anyways, one of the great features of Iqons are the people themselves. Posters are actual designers, models, hairstylists, etc. You can see their specific profiles, what they are up to nowadays, their projects and sample works. Plus, when you open the homepage, you will immediately see a group of user photos which directly links to their specific profiles. It's hard to ignore them and you'll end up clicking to at least one of the photos.

Also as a member, you can embed YouTube videos and the like to your profiles. The site incorporates tagging but at present there are only quite a few tags being used. Moreover, browsing could use some added filters like searching by popularity, most viewed today, and so on. A good thing though is a section dedicated on keeping the users up-to-date with the latest happenings and news in the world of fashion.

Like what I've mentioned earlier, a fashion dedicated social network was new to me so I decided to look for similar sites just to make a quick comparison of Iqons's design and functionality. Mashable mentioned ShareYourLook and Shoutfit . Meanwhile, I found another one, . This is also an online social network community for designers, artists and small businesses in the fashion industry but is more inclined in creating more opportunities and gaining exposure for people's work, especially for the new artists and designers. I find Iqons's design much more elegant and appealing than any of the other sites that I've mentioned.