Zlio.com, selling made easy

February 9th, 2007 at 12:00 am

For aspiring entrepreneurs who want to make great business online, creating their own online shop is one of the basics and most important thing to do. It is just common sense. But if you failed to create a good online marketing scheme or a good online store at the very least, there's a big chance you and your business won't go that far. It is all about business, and Zlio.com makes sure that they are a part of the ever dynamic online market.

Zlio.com started five months ago in no less than the fashion capital of the world, in France. Only recently did the site created a US version which caters to the English speaking market. Not anyone can speak the “language of love” after all. It seems that the site was quite a success in France that's why they decided to create one for the US market and it seems another one will be launched for the UK.

But what does Zlio do? Basically, you create your own online shop, which you can do in around 5 minutes. Doesn't take up much of your time does it? According to the information posted on the site, Zlio will be able to “choose from an exhaustive catalogue of thousands of products and arrange your own ZlioShop without programming anything.” Which is good since some starting entrepreneurs don't know squat about programming and stuff. With Zlio they cut down on time and since signing up is free, they cut down on costs as well. They don't even have to worry about deliveries and customer service, since what ZlioShops do is merely list the products and link them to the actual seller. If the product is sold, you being the owner of the ZlioShop will receive a commission for your “service.”

I thought at first that you need to buy the products before you can add them to your Zlio store. But instead what Zlio do is allow you to list any items you like into your shop whether you actually own the item or not and whether you have any intention of buying it or not. You create your own list of products and you can also add your own tags and reviews if you like. When a product at your list is bought, Zlio will pay you a commission within 72 hours of purchase. Other features of a ZlioShop is its capability of being specific and customized. You can choose and concentrate on a motif, adding products that are only related to your main theme. By doing so, you can also target your market specifically.

The interface of Zlio is similar to a blogging website. You can easily change the appearance of the store, reorganize the placement of your products, rename your shop and change its address, and so on.

It is unfortunate, however, that the site doesn't allow that one sell their own products on their Zlio shop. But Zlio did promise to make the feature available soon. Once this feature is up, it will be interesting to see what kind of stuff will come out in various Zlio shops. I personally am looking forward to seeing some rare and collectible items.