RockYou: Widgets for Social Network Accounts

February 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

I've been on Friendster since 2003 and recently (about last year) I saw that my friends' pages were getting messier and messier. Testimonials had all sorts of pictures and slideshows, profiles had videos and music, CSS layouts were all different, basically, everybody was going wild. I noticed that the widgets they were using came from a whole lot of different sources which actually discouraged me from using them.

Now I found out about RockYou. Now they had everything, mostly. RockYou is a service that makes widgets especially for social networks. Window Gadgets or widgets as they are known have become very popular accessories in social network profiles. Kids and teens are the usual audience of these widgets so RockYou made them very easy to make.


RockYou slideshows generate a flash-based widget where user provided pictures flip around one at a time, again and again. The slideshows only require photoinputs to works.. There is also an option to add music to the slideshow. where in the user can upload the track or use one of RockYou's tracks.

Photo and Text Effects

Photoeffects also require an upload image but the actions on this image are limited to 7 options. One of the options here is the theme option where animated icons are added to the image.

Text Effects on the other hand are more exciting. There are three major options with at least three other options under each. Moreover, There are also preset effects that can further be customized.

MySpace Templates and Fun Widgets

RockYou as mentioned was designed for social networks, and as expected, they also have CSS templates for MySpace profiles. Users can choose from hundreds of templates and simply copy the codes.

Other fun widgets include FunNotes, CorkBoard, and Scratcher. these widgets are mainly used in the comments page or testimonials of the social network. The FunNote is a mix of the slide show and text effects, the CorkBoard is an interactive widget where other users can also pin stuff on it and fonally the Scratcher is like one of those “scratch-to-win” coupons or that prepaid telephone card where you have to scratch off that silver thing to reveal the code. The Scratcher workd the same way except the silver thingy hides a picture underneath.

All in all, RockYou is a great place to start customizing your social network profile. It definitely adds the woomph and pizzaz to your profile page. Of course the aesthetic value of your creation using the RockYou tools and widgets still depent on your artistic taste. Nevertheless, it is a gun and easy service that supports mos t social networks today, except probably Flash based networks where users cannot alter the CSS or BB codes.