Sports collaboration on the Web

February 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

A sports oriented website whose main appeal lies not in social networking but in internet web collaboration instead. This is , a sporting website that was created to serve as a tool for organizing games or finding sporting opponents. Being more of a couch potato rather than a sports minded individual, I personally have no idea how hard it is to organize a game for team. But it seems that Sportsvite is holding up on its own. A recent news from Mashable said the site has received its first round of funding early February.

With Sportsvite, teams or players can organize pick-up or team games and can iron out all the information online, details like the game date, time, location as well as manage the team line-up. Season schedules can also be created, plus automatic reminders can be sent out to players updating them about game schedules and stuff. You can create your own team in the 'My Teams' section. Likewise, managing your existing team simply involves a few click here and there. Part of organizing a game is setting up the details which include entering specific location, time, date and making your own invite list.

The overall look and design of the pages are simple. You need to create an account in order to create and manage teams. However, even without signing in, you can browse user player profiles. Here lies the social networking aspect of Sportsvite. Members can easily add and communicate with friends or create their own network of fellow players. Moreover, navigation is smooth and with tagging, browsing and searching sports and teams were made easier. The site also has a scheduler for you to keep track of games, an RSS feed and a Craigslist-style bulletin board which can be used to post ads and activities of your teams.

The site claims to have around 18,000 registered users the bulk of which can be found in New York, the Bay Area, Chicago, Boston and Southern California areas. Recent surveys found out that the most popular sports in Sportsvite are softball, volleyball, tennis, football and soccer. The site already has international support so people around the world can log-on, create a team and look for players on their locale. However, it seems that people have yet to discover Sportsvite. There are still very few international teams in the site's database.

Just like any other category in the web today, sports social networking community is no longer new. A lot sites already exists. More recent examples of which are Fanpage and FanSport which were both launched in 2006. These two and lost more have the basic stuff in them, contains profile pages, capable of adding and networking with friends, have message boards and member search. But Sportsvite's focus on sports collaboration makes it unique.