Vidavee Graffiti: Pimpin Videos.

February 10th, 2007 at 12:00 am

What do you do when YouTube videos don't give the exact oomph for your site? Answer: Pimp it up.

Vidavee is a Pimp My Ride stop for You Tube videos. There have been others trying to come up with this but none ever featured videos, most of them were just slideshows from RockYou, Slide and Empressr. Vidavee Graffiti allows users to vandalize on existing yahoo video and embed their final clips wherever YouTube videos are embedded.

Pimping up a video is actually easier than pimping up a car. There's no need for special coding or video editing skills, no need to strip down the video into its components. Effects, Bling or Graffiti are all added on top of the video layer. You can choose from a few dozen preset graffiti and put in as many as you wish. Applying the graffiti is done by drag and drop from the gallery onto the video, a feature I thought was because of Ajax but actually it was Flash. Each graffiti then has its own time line and its appearance and disappearance on the video can be controlled by adjusting clippers on that time line.

After Pimping the video, a code is generated for embedding. There's a possibility that these Pimped up videos can be uploaded again into YouTube or some other video sharing site. This probable phenomenon will easily double or triple the number of available videos today and further sprout more and more communities built on Pimping up videos. When that happens, Vidavee won't be alone.

This new service definitely gives YouTubers something new to do and put in their blogs and profiles. Recall that this type of add on craze also happened with the CSS templates for MySpace and Friendster and it could happen again with this Graffiti on You Tube videos.