eBible. Bringing the Word online

February 12th, 2007 at 12:00 am

The bible is the best selling book of all time. It comes in hundreds of versions and languages and is distributed everywhere in the world. Now with eBible, it reaches people more than ever in its whole history.

eBible is an online repository of 8 of the most popular versions of the Christian bible coupled with a search engine, a forum and a social network. The site starts with a search engine for users to find a passage using the usual Book Chapter:Verse format or keywords or tags. The search engine then finds the passages for reading and the user is directed to the text which is numbered like a usual bible. The great thing about this digital copy is that you can right-click on any verse and view commentaries on it.

A more interactive discussion of the bible is found under the “study” option. Here users will find different explanations and a lot of insight on a certain passage. It's like a Sunday bible school where scholars share the traditional interpretations of the scripture. Finally, there is the “share” option that allows users to bookmark and tag any verse they want and discuss it with other people. Of course there is also the share-a-verse via email.

Using Ajax technology, reading through the bible has never been easier, noting down is incorporated and the bookmark and tagging system beats the traditional paper-between-pages way of bookmarking. More importantly, with a community and a space for discussion, people could finally transcend the taboos and dogma of the bible and express what they really think about it.