A promising collaboration website

February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

A recent review just came out from Mashable about a new collaborating web tool site called Doodleboard . This new collaborative drawing site is like your own whiteboard in the internet. It is basically a huge white canvas written in ajax. The idea of creating Doodleboard came from the concept of constructing a huge whiteboard where people around the world can write their views, opinions, basically all sorts of stuff. And since language is actually a communications barrier, doodles is the primary language that can be used on the board. At present, the large canvas in the website allows users to add shapes, lines, text and upload images. The site will also be good for small team setups who wants to collaborate their work over the Web.

Some of the notable features is having similarities with Google Maps in terms of navigation. A zoom in and zoom out level is available at the upper left corner which is used to the whole board. Images can be dragged anywhere around the board. The text tool is quite handy for explaining things to your colleagues, since people can view what is happening on the Doodleboard in “real time.” A world preview is also available which tells you who the users are working with you on the board and where they are on the board. This is great when collaborating since you can see where the rest of your team are working.

Users can also use the drawing tool to make annotations on the texts. Once you made annotations, they will be attached to the board which means you can move them together with the rest of texts or images which are already on the board. Images can be uploaded to the board, but depending on the size of the image, uploading time can be really fast or painstakingly slow.

Doodleboard is still working on a standardized text editor software. They are currently using open source program which performs minor editing on the texts such as font size, font colors, etc. They are aiming to have more features in their text editor, more like in the lines of independent Office softwares. The shape editing options are pretty standard: you can insert shapes, resize them, change their fill colors, etc.

You can also add tags to what you are working on and track the latest additions that were made on the board. However, probably because Doodleboard is still working on its servers and systems, it seems that it takes some time for the board to update the changes made by the users as well as the chat messages to reach the recipient.