An absolute comic guide

February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Where else can you register as a superhero or a super villain? Where else can you create your own list of super powers and identify your known weaknesses? You can do this and more at , a website that caters to the comic craze market.

Simplified: ComicVine is an online social encyclopedia dedicated for comics and comic book lovers. It has good quality and colorful graphics and illustrations. Conceptualize by Ethan Lance and Dave Snider, the main objective of ComicVine is to become the most updated and sought after comics resource on the Internet. It is basically a wiki where entries to the encyclopedia can be added and edited by practically any registered users of the site. In general, the encyclopedia contains various information on the different comic characters that have seen publication throughout the years. Characters like Batman, Superman, Spiderman and even the obscure ones have a page in ComicVine's encyclopedia. Information about the lesser known comic characters are sometimes inadequate or non at all. The website also features news and discussions about up and coming events in the comic world. ComicVine offers plot summaries of new comic releases as well. Sharing files among members is also possible.

The site is only two months old but it was able to gather around 19,886 wiki submissions and has approved more than 1,943 members. Part of the appeal of ComicVine lies on the fact that comic readers are a diverse bunch, with age groups ranging from the 10-year-olds who are just beginning to take interest in the world of heroes and villains, to the 40-year-olds who had decided to renew their love for comics. When you register, you can choose which categories you belong to: either you are a fan, writer, editor, artist, penciler, letterer, colorer or journalist.

Functionality and maneuverability is a non-issue with ComicVine. The site has been streamlined, increasing navigation speed all the more. One can easily move around the site, the pages and the links. The user friendly interface can be observed from the main site up to the forum sections. The visual graphics and artworks, both professional and user generated are really appealing. You can conduct a search by characters, teams, creators, story arcs, locations and concepts. Search can also be made by publisher or by popularity.

An interesting feature or more like a game in ComicVine is the “Powers” category, where you can get to see who will win between superheroes or supervillains if they battle it out using their super powers, abilities and skills. You can see who'll win between Superman and Hulk.

On the homepage, there's a video tutorial that's supposed to tell you how to navigate the site but it seems the video has already been removed by The link is still there though. Even though a slight oversight from ComicVine, it seems the website is holding well on its own. Alexa gave ComicVine a Traffic Rank of 35,430. Although Lance and Snider acknowledged the following as websites that inspired them from creating ComicVine, the hard truth still remains that , , and are some of the competitors ComicVine face in terms of site visitors and site traffic.