Blufr: trivia on demand.. No way!.. Way!

February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Trivia has always been a game where nobody really knows everything and somebody always knows something somebody else doesn't know. That's the fun part of it.

Blufr is a service powered by that brings trivia to subscribers everyday and on demand. Trivia is not presented on silver plate though. To make it more interesting and measure how many of us really know our facts, trivia is served by using bluffs. It's harder to determine if the computer is bluffing or not due to the lack of facial expression. So the computer states something like “Napoleon and Hitler were born with only one testicle?” then you get to answer “way” for yes and “no way” for no. To tease you more, there's a statistic below the statement saying how many percent were fooled!

The correct answer is revealed right after you submit yours. And as if to draw you in some more, there's another statement waiting for your answer, and so on and so forth.

Blufr is also a social network meaning you could share your bluffs with other people. There are no profiles in Blufr though, so sharing of bluffs is done via email and embedding. With email, you can send your bluff to your contacts and also you can subscribe for your daily dose. Embedding on the other hand comes in three codes, three layouts to choose from, one widget and two non-Flash snippets. These embedded bluffs are updated twice a day so there's no need to go back to to get a new bluff all the time. Also, if there's a single bluff you'd like to keep on asking, then there's the specific bluff embed option with every bluff on

All in all, in the name of knowledge and facts, blufr is a fun way to spread the word.