BubblePly, deep tag or vandalism?

February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

YouTube was the official website of the year for 2006 according to time. It's ability to stream videos quickly and have everyone upload whatever video they want made YouTube a highly fun and social service. The success of YouTube has paved the way for many other video sharing sites and made videos on the web a staple commodity. This phenomenon has led to hundreds of services that revolve around video sharing sites. Some sites allow deep tagging of videos (Veotag), some offer splicing (Jumpcut), some even vandalizing(Vidavee Graffiti).

Bubbles aside from the ones produced by gas and liquid are those we see containing in comic books, that cloud like thing that has the words a character is saying. BubblePLY is another startup that invests in the glory of video sharing by using an older and much more common method of enhancement, bubbles. It's (bubbles) commonly used in dating reality TV shows to show unsaid thoughts on screen. Now, BubblePLY allows users to add their own bubbles to any video on YouTube or whatever video sharing site.

Adding bubbles is a piece of cake. There are three steps and as always it starts with uploading a picture. Then comes the bloody part, inserting the balloons. It is a bit difficult to get used to, a little practice and “bubbling” or Plying an entire video is easy-daisies. The buttons are straightforward, a click on “Add Bubble” right away stops the track playing and displays a text box with a tail where the user can input his text. The bubble can be repositioned and its size can also be adjusted by click and drag. Bubble effects are also available with another button. Here, properties of the bubble can be adjusted, like transparency, background and text color, and hyperlinks.

Anyway, all finished “bubbled” video or PLY can be shared by use of a URL provided for each PLY. This link contains the video, the player and finally the URL itself, making embedding videos virtually everywhere possible. Moreover, there is an email option as well as an embedding code for any html or php source code.

All in all, BubblePLY is a tool for adding “bubbles” or text boxes onto any existing video on the web. Bubbles add to the interactivity and usefulness of a video. The ability to Ply a video with text and hyperlinks can be utilized as tutorials and other educational applications as well as a lot more fun for video bloggers and spoofers. I think, it's more useful than deep tagging and it's a brighter way of looking at vandalism.