Bubblesnaps, picture comics

February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

It was in the early 90's when I was growing up and I saw when I first saw sticker bubbles containing lines like “Best Friends Forever” or “What You Looking at?” or “This is embarrassing!”. Whe these stickers are not yet used, they don't make sense. the primary use for these stickers are to be stuck on top of photographs making the photo somewhat like a comic book where the person is saying something. Basically, it adds life to a candid shot.

That was before, I'm not so sure if those stickers are still available. Today, with digital photos outnumbering printed snapshots, the stickers continue to follow. Although this time they are fully customizable and there's no more adhesive that could ruin the photograph. Text Bubbles can now be applied onto pictures using the Web service BubbleSNAPS.

Though concept of BubbleSNAPS is ancient, add text bubbles on pictures to make the person in the picture “talk” like in a comic book. Actually this can be done with any photo editing software like Paint, Photoshop or Fauxto. But of course it would still be easier to do with BubbleSnaps because it was solely designed for the purpose.

Anyways, creating a BubbleSNAP is really easy and kind of fun too. The Flash interface is clean and instructions are very easy to follow. Resizing the bubble is done by dragging the handles on their corners, and tyoing in text is as easy as doing it in a regular text box. There's no more need to align the text since the program centers it automatically in the bubble. Unfortunately there are no design options for the bubble, transparency, font and background color cannot be changed and fonts size is automatically set to fit the bubble. Nevertheless, the resulting bubble looks clean, fun and very Web2.0.

Sharing the BubbleSNAP can be done in 3 ways, embed,email, and print. Embedding the BubbleSNAP is done by clicking the “Blog this BubbleSNAP” option where 2 Javascript codes will be given, one for the usual social networks and blog hosts, and another for hard core Javascript codes. Moreover, if the provided codes do not work, there is an option to write your own code. The other method to export the BubbleSNAP is via email, I think that needs no explanation. Prints can also be made, you must have printer first.

Personally, BubbleSNAPS is a fun application that spices pictures up. Though the service is really simple compared to most Web2.0 applications, it is not entirely free. Each user is entitled 18 BubbleSNAPS only. After that I did not see any option to upgrade. Regardless, it's still worth a visit on bored Monday mornings just before opening your email.