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February 13th, 2007 at 12:00 am

New York based Diversion Media recently came out with, a new startup that focuses on all kinds of travel videos. Travelistic is primarily a video site that features videos on travel and tourism which includes user generated and professional video contents. You can also find tourist board videos being uploaded in the site.

The website look pretty much like YouTube, but only much neater and better designed. Travelistic videos load fast and the quality is really high. Also, the video player is very simple yet very functional. The site categorized the uploaded videos into “People” and “Places.” The homepage has a map on the left upper side of the site which features specific places where you could go and explore. The site also features a blog and hosts their very own in-house video podcast entitled The Map. The Map is's weekly show which talks about everything about travel, destination and shared experience. Shows are being updated every Friday morning. It has 18 episodes so far.

And like most video and photo sharing websites, Travelistic allows you to create your own profile, link files to your blog, and upload videos. Aside from uploading and watching the videos, you can rank the videos using the thumbs up and thumbs down ranking, you can add them to your favorites, and send the videos to a friend. As users, you could also add comments about a video. You can embed most of the clips to your own website by copying the embed code found in the video profile. Travelistic also allows their videos to be published in personal travel blogs.

You can search videos using the website's search bar or by tags. All videos can be tagged, with users free to add a tag of their own.

So far Travelistic is free, and according to the official statement of the startup it will continue to have a free versions, although, they might give an option of a premium account in the near future. According to them, some of the features the premium version will have are higher-resolution videos, increase portability, and less number of ads.

Built with Ruby on Rails, Travelistic has embedded Flash players and a MySQL database.

Travelistic's approach for a video sharing website was great, innovative and unique. By focusing on a specific target market, particularly the travel industry, Travelistic has instantly made a mark in the Web and differentiated itself from YouTube and other similar video sharing sites. As of this writing the site has 2026 travel videos which were shot by 447 different producers from more than four hundred cities around the world.

However, one of the main issues that recently hounded these kinds of video sharing shots is the site's approach in handling copyrighted contents. Travelistic promised to employ both automated and human powered surveillance techniques to filter out copyrighted materials form being posted in their site.

It appears that the only competition Travelistic has at this time is , which practically provides the same service: providing information about international destinations through the use of video. Their website features videos on various travel destinations around the world, highlighting the place's history, culture, shopping, food, nightlife, lifestyle, and others.