A race to be the YouTube of cartoons

February 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

With a great selection of videos, aniBoom.com has become a leading animation portal on the Web. Industry observers have taken an interest with aniBoom, saying that the website was going to be the “YouTube of Cartoons.” However, with the appearance of a new player in the field, MyToons, it is no longer a one-sided game but instead a head-on race between the two is expected to begin.

However, based on the latest development reports it seems AniBoom was able to widen their advantage over MyToons. According to reports, the Israeli startup has raised $4.5 million in an initial round of funding meanwhile MyToons is still in its egg form, having began its private beta phase only recently.

When you look at AniBoom.com you will find an already large selection of user generation animation contents. The site uses a Flash player when viewing videos and users can embed the videos to their blogs, posts or web pages. Not only quantity, but quality of the videos are good as well. Most of the videos were done in good taste and because of the quality, it's safe to conclude that people behind each animation production spent time, money, resources and are experts in their own right. The website serves as their online video aggregator and allows them to share them to friends, colleagues and acquaintances.

With the $4.5 million in funding, the company can choose to expand is 18-man workforce or develop more programs to further improve the site. AniBoom has pretty much loaded the the components that are common in video sharing websites. Videos can be rated, flagged, and shared or sent to friends. You can also vote on an entry and post your comments about them. AniBoom also uses tags and categories for better searches. Aside from the usual stuff, the website has incorporated other projects, mostly contests, that help increase site traffic or make the site more popular. One of their recent contests is a cartoon parody/satire of American Idol. Users are encouraged to join by creating their own animation and setting them up against each other in a contest that can prove to be as interesting as the real thing. Personally, not considering the current contents of AniBoom, I prefer the user interface of MyToons . Plus, I find the larger MyToons flash-based video player better than that of AniBoom. The rest of the features seem to pretty standard which means that the race between the two is on the amount and quality of the user generated contents being uploaded to their respective websites. MyToons should think of additional marketing ploy in the same field of AniBoom's online contests if it thinks of competing on level ground. AniBoom prides itself as the first ever animation content website that used “animation in the hyper world of user generated content and Web 2.0.”