Boomp3, mp3’s like YouTube videos

February 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Video sharing sites have sprung up on the web like mushrooms popping up on a damp patch of grass in the spring. The success of video sharing sites is too apparent that there are new web companies building services all around them. Now what about the audio business?

Well, i came a across a Russian site that is the YouTube of audio. The rules are the same, upload as much as you want and listen until your ears bleed. Even the rules on copyright apply here. Boomp3 is a MP3 sharing site that allows users to upload and listen to audio files (including music) on the fly. They also use a Flash based audio player but their social network is not much yet.

The upload process unlike in video sharing sites, only allow the mp3 format. So there's no conversion of any kind just simple file transfer from a PC hard drive to the servers of Boomp3. It's that simplicity however that gives this service great potential as both a music site and a podcast service. MP3 has been the choice audio format for music and all other audio because of its portability and flexibility. MP3's are amazingly clear for a file so small and they can be edited much like a WAV file.

Boomp3, aside from just allowing MP3 uploads, also allow recording on line. Although this is nothing new it's still very useful much like in the video sharing sites where users are allowed to post video replies recorded online via webcam. And just like video sites, Boomp3 allows embedding of mp3 files as well as providing a direct URL to easily share mp3 files over the web.

Uploaded audio can be viewed in a gallery and playback is as easy as clicking a button. Just like YouTube, the search function is possible by searching the tags of each file. Though there are no ranking schemes yet, audio on the front page are arranged from the most recently added to the eldest as well as most the most popular ones based on listener hits and tags.

All in all, Boomp3 has the technology to be as great as YouTube but will audio files alone be able to grab as much market as video files? That remains to be seen, in the meantime, Boomp3 must prove its worth against many social music and podcast services if it wants to remain afloat.