Something for the book lovers

February 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

“There’s not much to say about myself (mainly because of my 23 years, which is not a lot) other that I’m a cute, nice, great eyes, smart, calculated, attention needing, obsessed with perfection and addictive person.” Who would have thought that this quote came from an About Us page of a website. This is more of an entry that you will post in a blog or an online community dating board. But still, this came from a website that is dedicated to book lovers who browse the Web. Tagabook is a social networking website that allows users to create their own profiles, post personal book reviews, add friends, and write a personal forum. The website pretty much contains the standard and usual stuff that you will find in any social networking community, only that discussions are more about books.

Tagabook came out as beta last year. The last entries in the blog was in December 2006. We don't really know how well the guy is doing since he always described his experiences in a joking kind of way. However, since the site is till up and has no visible bugs at the moment, we could only assume that he is continuing his “master-plans to take over the world.”

We can safely say that the major feature of the site is its tags, the website name implies so anyway. The tags seem to be working, not considering of course those tags that yielded zero search results. Users need to be more active in contributing tags to the system. This will help generate better search results and would prove to be very useful later on when the website has created a large book listing or database.

In every search result, the price of the book is displayed if members want to purchase the publication. Members can add their opinon, cast a vote, tag the book, or add a review. They can also see other members of the social network who liked the book.

Targeting the book loving community has both an advantage and disadvantage. The advantage is that it is a pretty loyal market. They tend to band together as a group and will more likely support a website if they found it able to give all their book needs. The bad news, however, is that book reading market is slowly dwindling down. Recent surveys have shown that readership is down and people are going towards other forms of media such as music and videos in satellite television and even in the Web.

Anyways, let's see how far the charm of this 23 year old student at Politechnica University in Bucharest will take him.