Wridea, write down your ideas.

February 14th, 2007 at 12:00 am

For a lot of people great ideas come and go. Sometimes it's all clear in your mind then after a few minutes it's all gone. For many people using the internet at work or are virtually glued to the web for whatever reason, noting down ideas and organizing them can be done in many ways including blogging, note taking or using a calendar. The problem with these solutions is the organization, entries in these solutions are sorted mostly by date, along with everything else. the tendency here is that the idea is covered and finding it again will be as hard as not writing it down.

Wridea is an application designed specifically to write down your ideas as they come. It's not an planner, it's not a calendar. It's a notebook, just for ideas. Wridea is made with Ajax and text fields can be accessed by single clicks. Options are available for organizing ideas into categories and pages. Managing ideas, pages, and categories are straightforward with the drop down menus.

Ideas can be exported via to a printable version and an XML version. Pages and categories can be added and deleted as pleased. Everything is accessible and easy to do with the Ajax back end that allows users to not ever leave the page.

There is also a social aspect to Wridea. Friends can be invited to use the service and once in, they can view your ideas as you can view theirs. There are of course options to keep some ideas private and some public. Users can also manage groups of friends and what they can view.

A nifty feature of Wridea is the Idea Rain. Let's say you have amassed a thousand ideas and browsing through them is getting boring. Idea rain lets your idea's rain on you. It's a flash based widget that is accessed through the tools menu. The ideas are animated in falling boxes that simulates the raining part.

All in all, Wridea is no new application nor is it anything really big. It's a modified to-do list and mini blog designed for a single purpose. Personally, I enjoy using it and will keep on using it because of it's simplicity and specificity. I just hope I have enough Ideas to make it rain.