February 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Sometimes some people just need to be reminded again and again…and again. Many applications of Web2.0 are geared for collaborations. It is what the web is all about anyway, getting people from anywhere and doing stuff together. Many businesses both on and offline rely on teams of people sometimes working in different locations. The days of a boss in the corner office giving orders to his staff are fading and being replaced with offshore staffs. The corner office is now half a world away and the boss now cannot pass Post Its to remind his staff of deadlines and other tasks. Today, those Post Its are now done through email. Web2.0 has many services that cater to collaborations. Solutions for almost all aspects are popping up like mushrooms in cyberspace.

MonkeyOnYourBack, is one of these mushrooms. MonkeyOn (for short) is a collaboration program designed for people who both need to send out and receive reminders of their things to do. Monkeys are the products of this service. Capitalizing on the old saying about that irritating monkey on somebody's back, MonkeyOn's service is to provide virtual monkey in the form of emails to constantly remind users.

Monkeys are like the Post Its mentioned above. They serve as tools to remind people of something to do. creating a Monkey is as easy selecting the victim's email address, writing the instruction, and selecting a deadline. This monkey is sent to the victim's email 1,2,3 and 7 days before the deadline and every seven days before that as well.

Unfortunately, the victim as well as the sender has the option to kill the monkey anytime before the deadline. If it weren't for the spam like properties of this email, MonkeyOn would have not given the option to kill.

Anyway, MonkeyOn is another tool for collaborators around the world and it competes with a lot more advanced collaboration software as well as calendar, notes and organizer sites. Will MonkeyOn evolve and survive or does it face extinction right now? Methinks so.