Nottr: take down notes

February 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

There's a bit too much to do on the internet these days that noting stuff down is becoming more and more prominent and staple. Well, notes are really dependent on how people perceive them. They come in the form of bookmarks, for that people use, in the form of ideas, Wridea, in the form of schedules, 30boxes, and any other form. Before the computer notes were in a notebook but for some that was harder to keep so they switched to Post Its but that was sometimes expensive so they went back to scratch paper.

Notes are anything that anyone wishes to write dow, it could be organized or chaotic and Nottr provides for any but due to its lack of a solid structure like a calendar, I'd like to think it's for a chaotic set of notes. Nottr's easy to add notes interface allows users to create new notes on the fly and organize them later or not at all.

Anyway, Nottr is an Ajax based note taker where notes can be added, tagged, managed and shared. The interface is easy to navigate and notes are organized from latest to earliest by default. The only other filter aside from a time stamp is the tagging system. Tags can be added to notes after they are published by using the actions menu. The potential problem with the actions menu is when tags reach staggeringly huge numbers. Nevertheless, the tagging system if managed well is very efficient.

The notes editor is purely text, meaning there are no buttons like an FCK editor in a blog to insert pictures or videos. But, the notes editor accepts HTML tags so embedding media is possible with the correct codes.

Sharing is also possible but only among Nottr users that a user will choose to become friends with. Friends can then see public notes of a user. Furthermore, if the user opts, he can allow his friends to comment on his public notes.

All in all, Nottr is a good note taking tool for both organized and otherwise users. The Ajax interface allows seamless transition between functions. Finally, the export options are also useful for offline utilization (.txt) and archiving (.zip).