Royalty-free images at

February 15th, 2007 at 12:00 am

Yotophoto is a website that provides free online stock photographs and images. The website indexes the images in a public domain or under other forms of licensing. The images you will see in the website are absolutely free and can be used in your websites, blogs, artworks, projects, etc. and whether they are for commercial or personal use without you worrying about copyright infringements.

Does it sound too good to be true? Well actually it does, and it seems that the website has been providing this services for quite some time now. The site began during the mid-year of 2005 and speculations on the viability of being a free-photo sharing website was raised back then. After almost two years, Yotophoto appears to be slowly making its presence felt in the Web. However, the site's overall design, functionality and popularity still cannot to the other websites in the same industry. Alexa sets Yotophoto's traffic ranking to 10,172 which is still a far cry from the ranks of and Stock.xchng who got traffic rank rating of 3,619 and 484 respectively from Alexa.

Image search yielded some pretty decent results. Yotophoto features images that have good enough quality, with image resolution and photo exposure and composition being the main considerations. However, the site also have a lot of crappy images and its a matter of patiently searching the site for available good quality images. You can search images using the a search inbox bar. The advance search option will help limit your searches by categorizing items by size (500px to 2000px), by orientation (vertical, horizontal, square) and by color, the latter being a very interesting feature if you ask me. The site, unfortunately, doesn't use tags or any other categories such as travel, people, animals, etc.

Regardless, Yotophoto has been a great resource by web designers and developers in the past two years. But the main focus of the website is to help the educators, bloggers and digital artists to express themselves by providing these images for free. They aim to initiate more usage of images, integrating them into texts in order to maximize the learning process with regards to education and optimize the sharing experience when it comes to blogging.

Many of the images available in Yotophoto have been licensed by Creative Commons, and GNU FDL. In order for users to understand the extent of the license conditions given to the photos, the site has provided links to reading resources that discuss the issue in detail.

Yotophoto at this time is only limited in indexing photographs. If the site has any plans of indexing other images such as maps and illustrations, these remain undisclosed.